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For centuries, man has searched for experiences that transcend ordinary states of reality. These transcendent states have long been known as highly effective environments for healing, inspiration, teaching and personal transformation. Multisensory Systems has developed a breakthrough multi-sensory technology that stimulates people in unique ways to produce these powerful altered states.

The Multisensory Stimulation System™ (MSS), is a 21st century multidimensional projection system that is immersive and interactive, and guides users through a powerful and very personal inner journey. The MSS user is suspended in a NASA-technology "floating chair", and is immersed within a super-sensory environment that successfully integrates wrap-around visual imagery, full surround sound, tactile stimulation and a unique, patented aromatherapy delivery system.

The Index below gives short descriptions of the various areas that may be of special interest to you.


Multisensory Stimulation System (MSS) Index

An Introduction!

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Introduction: A Multisensory Experience!

Ushering in the Spirit of this new millennium, the “Multisensory Stimulation System” has arrived. This is an Introduction to the Overall System...A great starting Point.




The Experience!

The Experience! A Symphony of the Senses; Currently Included are the following pages:
An Ecstasy Machine?

In December 2001, Forbes magazine published an article protesting the lack of (and discussing the need for) an “Ecstasy Machine” Author Barbara Ehrenreich asks “So why haven’t we found a reliable, nontoxic technology for inducing the experience of ecstasy?”

We answer..."We have!"

Diverse Programs Transform the Experience

The Stimulation system comes to life with any number of high-impact multi-sensory software programs to direct its purpose. This section touches on the types of experience that are envisioned.

A Different Path:

Instead of following the pack... a different path.

The System

The System; A Tool for Transformation: Intro to the "Multisensory Stimulation System" - PDF Publication - 2.5 MB


This is an overview of the Multisensory Stimulation System, to help readers gain an understanding of the invention and its capabilities. This section explains how people see and relate to this system, and in essence what it can actually do, and roughly how this is accomplished.


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Aroma Composer:

The featured aromaComposer, our next-generation aroma diffusion system, has the unique ability to select from and/or combine any number of pure essential oils into a variety of custom blends. When in use, a completely new aroma can be directed to the user in a matter of seconds, providing for quick changes of mood, dramatic effects or healing scents. This patented invention itself is a major breakthrough in the booming field of Aromatherapy.


This Appendix provides supplementary information and articles as background for this conceptual plan.

Partnering & Licensing:

Partnering and Licensing Information is placed in this section.

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