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"Users can virtually walk through a garden, smelling each individual flower as they pass."

Expanding traditional aromatherapy into nontraditional environments!


The aromaComposer™ is a new technology along with a method of using that technology, and is not yet a commercial product. Two prototypes currently exist; both function beautifully and either is easily reproduced.


The personal and programmable aromaComposer has the unique ability to select from and/or combine any number of pure essential oils into a variety of custom blends or synergies. When in use, a completely new aroma can be directed to the user in a matter of seconds, providing for quick changes of mood, dramatic effects or healing scents. Furthermore, it leaves no residue or lingering scents, even in small spaces This invention is a major breakthrough in the booming field of Aromatherapy.


Generations beyond Smell-O-Vision.


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1. aromaComposer™ Overview:

This link leads to an overview of the patented "aromaComposer™" next-generation aroma diffusion system. Many of the capabilities and advantages of this personal blending system are introduced here.





2a. Multisensory Integration

The aromaComposer works by itself or in combination with other sensory display devices. By combining numerous sensory inputs, a heightened interaction can be established between individuals and a programmed presentation. Here are brief descriptions of the three-dimensional sound and tactile chair environments that have been combined so successfully with the aromaComposer™.





System (MSS)


2b. Multisensory Stimulation System (MSS) Index

The creators came together seven years ago to combine many sophisticated mind-body technologies into a single device. The result was the Multisensory Stimulation System (MSS), a 21st century multidimensional projection system that is immersive, interactive, and guides users through powerful and very personal inner journeys. The MSS user is suspended in a NASA-technology "floating chair", and is immersed within a super-sensory environment that successfully integrates wrap-around visual imagery, full surround sound, tactile stimulation and of course, the unique, patented "aromaComposer™" aromatherapy diffusion system.


The MSS Section Index gives short descriptions of the various areas that may be of special interest to you.



The Experience!

3. Diverse Programs Transform the Experience

The aromaComposer comes to life with any number of high-impact programs to direct its purpose. Innovative software will address various markets and human needs... creating a dramatic new experience for individuals. Applied properly, these programs can reduce stress, alter consciousness and promote well being.


Aromatherapy FAQ


4a. Aromatherapy FAQ:
From Ancient Nostrum to 21st Century Phenomenon!

The the hows, whys, and what fors of aromatherapy presented in a Q & A format, From simple definitions, historic background and info about the human olfactory system to the latest scientific research validating the use of essential oils for medical and psychological purposes.


4b. aromaComposer™...The System FAQ:

Some common questions and answers about the aromaComposer™ system and its capabilities.



The System FAQ!





5. Appendix:

This Appendix provides supplementary information, links and articles for those that want to learn more about aromatherapy and multisensory therapy, and their applications. Recently added is written commentary by Jeremy Rifkin (JR) following his visit to our studio last year.




6. Business Opportunities, Collaboration & Licensing:

Information about business opportunities, collaboration and technology licensing may be found in this section.


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7. Contact Information:

How to Contact us.


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A more comprehensive overview of the aromaComposer technology is available upon request.

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